Upload Twitch Marker CSV

Twitch-2-Resolve Marker Converter

This tool to put it lightly, generates a marker file from your Twitch CSV marker file. More specifically, it generates an EDL file that can be imported into a video editor compatible with it.

So far it's only confirmed to work with Davinci Resolve, so I named it as such. I thought it would work with all editors that supported EDL, but after seeing how Premiere uses EDL files uh. I'm not so sure anymore.

As for how to import it, watch this video here!

Sorry, EDL?

Edit Decision List, specifically. It's the file format most video editors use to denote markers. It's also used for a lot more things, but the focus here is on markers.

Can you tell me more?

I'm going to be writing up a bit of an article about how I went about doing this, because I feel like it'd be interesting. When that's done I'll put a link to it here. Keep an eye out!